Our club consists of family oriented, social and fun loving individuals who at their core are life-long cricket lovers. In most cases we have come from different parts of the world and call home a rustic piece of land in New Jersey surrounded by rolling hills and with perennial beauty our cricketing. Club prides itself in its ability to “play for purpose” – going beyond competition and recreation we engage in philanthropic and community activities.
Founded in 2010, we continue to enhance our membership, activities, facilities and above all the “fun factor” playing the game we all love. With every season we reflect upon the days by gone and recharge for the times to come – in unison we strive to create a lasting imprint on the “pitch of life” scoring with  “drives” and “pulls” or beating challenges with our “bouncers” and “googlies” !!





AVCC is a social cricket club playing on the only natural grass wicket in the east coast of the US.  We aim to provide the very best cricketing experience for our members and guests.